==lil evil BRIAN's Last Words==

Well, this has been such a great game and experience. I think I've made some of the greatest friends that I've ever made in any other ORG. I really thought I could've won this time around, not being cocky or anything, I thought I played my cards correctly, and it seemed to work out. Most of the moves in this game, if I had the chance to go back in time, I would not change, maybe voting spider out before iam. But yeah, to people like Rhi and Buffy, who possibly think that if I went with them, I would've gotten farther in the game, I would've never went against VB and Penguin, we would've made it all the way probally, had not spider won immunity.

To Guy, I think you are a good host, you make a really good host, I love your games, very original and organized. These are one of my favorite games, ever.

I guess I'll start by all those I voted out…

Khold, sorry I voted for you, umm, I really never had a chance to meet you, I went to isolation, to be the nice guy In the tribe because obviously no one else wanted to, and Casaya ended up losing immunity, I really never knew what could've happened while I was at exile, and fear and big where focused on voting you out, something about you not answering questions? but yeah, sorry. I wish I could've known you better, to see if I liked you or not.

Rhi, I must say, when you said that you where going to do anything in your power to vote me out, from outside the game, you definitely did NOT do that..haha. Yeah, we may of known each other from other mini games, you're a very dramatic person, and you always blame people, and like to start something, in a very peaceful tribe. Example, you went CRAZY, when I entered Viveros, and you pointed a finger at me for some insane reason and you said something to VB. Well anyways, I got 4 th place, you got 11th, and you had nothing to do with me being voted out, you bossy, manipulative, and sometimes, a straight up bitch. Love you.

Vanessa, haha, your funny sometimes I guess, you where out for inactivity, so I don't really care, I guess.

Lordy, inactivity, umm, I was the only person to object voting you out for inactivity, I had actually wanted Jakey out. Sooo uhhh, yeah. Ugh, even though we did know each other from mini games, I really don't know much about you.

Fear, I really don't know what your strategy was, you immediately make this final 3 alliance, with me and penguin, who's on a complete different tribe. I lose that one challenge, and **** you say you'll give me a virus? You have a temper problem sometimes. I really don't know what to think about you.

Cows, you are funny, though other people find you annoying, I think your funny, though I only talked to you like, once. You're a high roller, Brians a high roller, its all good. Too bad your never on, because we could laugh up a storm. Haha.

Jakey/Buffy, My god. Buffy, you don't seem to let go that you where voted off. You may have had a final 2 alliance with me, but, like first of all, this character you chose for Jakey, was ANNOYING as HELL. Next of all, Penguin and VB come before you, quite honestly, I would've rather go to the final 2 with vb or penguin, then go to the final 2 with YOU, and find out about it, I would never forgive myself. Overall though, I think you're a strong competitor, nice guy, and you have a life outside of this game.

Iam/Tim, like you said, its funny how we've been playing the same game for so long, yet it took almost 2 years for us to finally meet each other, I never even talked to you before you got voted out, I only started talking to you afterward. Ummm, your good at counting? Lol. Good job on that counting. You don't hold grudges, good for you.

Then it was me…

Spider, we've been a merged tribe for quite some time now, and you never really gave an effort to ever talk to me, I did to you, but you never seemed like you really wanted to talk to me. Though I hate that you won immunity, which is the reason im out, and why im writing this… I must say that you played a good game, being a past winner, and you came into this game as an alias and look at you, you've made it to the final 3…I did want to vote you out at times lol, but you went way under the radar, that's your specialty. I must say though, I don't want you to win again, nor do I ever want to see you in any other OLS game, lol, sorry but once you win, I think you should stop.

Penguin, we've, well I mean I've definitely have been a bitch to you at times, but I said sorry lol. You deserve to win, you've played as many times as I have, and I think you deserve to win, you are a smart guy, you play well, and a nice guy, you got it all. Good luck.

VB, Taco, I think your such a cool guy, you are funny, and we do share quite a lot of the same interests, people on the jury may hate you, but I think that you've played a very good game, you deserve to win just as much as penguin does, and I hope you go to the final 2 and I hope we can still be friends later on, and I hope you will play in ols13 with me.

This has been a fun game, I may not of won this season, but im going to be back guys haha. I love this game, I love you all. This has been a great way to get through the summer, and I've met some really cool people. So i guess I really do end up as Cirie lol, but im not fat or black.Later people.