Application Selection Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with the selection procedures for the application process.

1. Application

You may apply to be a contestant by completing the application form. If the number of applications received exceeds 50, the top 50 people will be selected based on their essay. If you have been selected, you will receive an E-mail invitation to the qualifying round.

2. Qualifying Round

Up to 50 people will be selected for the qualifying round and given two dates and times that will mimic a typical Online Survivor week. To complete qualifying, each contestant must sign onto Discord and "check in" within 10 minutes after each time to prove they will be a responsible, active contestant. During each check-in time, producers will check that the contestant's system is ready for the game, and ask some preliminary questions. If a contestant fails to check in, they must start over and successfully check in twice in a row, regardless of successful check-ins on previous attempts. (Note: Returning contestants with 50% or higher attendance in their most recent game will be permitted to skip this round). Depending on volume, this round of the selection process could be omitted by the producers.

3. Semi-Finals

Up to 25 people will be selected for the Semi-Finals and asked to complete a questionnaire and complete a Discord interview. After all semi-finalist interviews have been completed, approximately 16 people will be selected as finalists (The final number of which to be determined). (Note: New players hold precedent over returning players. Should the number of qualified new players be less than the required amount, new players will automatically advance to orientation and the semi-final round will be among returning players only). This round of the selection process is rarely used, as most applicants have already been eliminated by this point.

4. Finalist Orientation

Finalists will be notified approximately one week before the game begins and be required to complete an orientation and agree to all in-game rules. If a finalist fails to complete orientation within the designated time, they will forfeit their spot to the next most qualified semi-finalist, who will then be notified.

5. Extreme Measures

In the event the entire applicant pool has been eliminated without reaching the required number of players, applicants from previous rounds will be notified and given an automatic spot, regardless of which steps they have completed. Producers will use their best judgment in determining contestants at this point, but will make every effort possible not to use this last resort.

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