Online Survivor Episodes

Online Survivor has produced two games per year since the dawn of Survivor in 2000. As our existence at began to end, many of our seasons were auto-deleted by the server. Along with the arrival of our new site, I have decided to re-release each season of Online Survivor for any new fans. Starting with the very first season, all episodes will be re-posted. As we progress, the frequency of episodes posted will decrease until we have neared the present time, at which time one episode will be posted per week. The episodes below have not been edited or enhanced in any way, and will appear in their original format, when they were first aired years ago. Thus, some of the early seasons may seem primitive. You will notice the graphics, music, and editing improve as the seasons progress. I truly hope you enjoy them all.


Online Survivor 12: May 22, 2006 - August 18, 2006
(Rating-3/5) A modified version of Exile Island punishes those who lose reward. Online Survivor 12 was a much better game than the rating reflects. It's more like a 3.5 out of 5. Four tribes, the invention of a new type of hidden immunity idol with nearly impossible clues, and the introduction of a permanent Isolation Isle made this is a very unique season. Should you check it out? Most definitely. This was practically fans vs. favorites before it existed, and the beginning, middle, and end went very well. You'll enjoy the classic feel of this game, plus get numerous twists you aren't expecting. This game leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Online Survivor 11: January 23, 2006 - April 21, 2006
(Rating-2/5) Major players return in disguise. Can one finally win? Online Survivor 11 was a great game ... and then the finale came -_-. The rating for this game suffers simply due to that fact. Two major players returning in disguise as leaders, countless other major players using aliases, an epic opening challenge, and a hidden immunity idol contributed to what was, overall, a great season. It's simply unfortunate that it ended the way it did. Will you be disappointed if you watch this season? For about 13 2/3 episodes, no, you'll think it's one of the greatest seasons ever. It's simply that leftover 1/3 that will leave a sour taste in your mouth. In short, great season, bad ending.

Online Survivor 10: May 30, 2005 - August 26, 2005
(Rating-5/5) A twist mysteriously foreshadows the real Survivor's future. Online Survivor 10 was simply amazing. The field was almost split perfectly with All-Stars and new players, and they were all extremely active. Add to that a plethora of brand new challenges and two huge twists, and you have a candidate for the best Online Survivor of all time. The first twist occurs immediately and keeps people guessing from the ouset. The second twist occurs mid-game and introduces a concept that was soon to become a Survivor staple, albeit formatted slightly differently and more exciting. In short, what are you waiting for? Start watching this season now!

Online Survivor 9: January 17, 2005 - April 14, 2005
(Rating-3/5) Two tribes battle over the mysterious spiritual stone. Just like OLS8: All-Stars marked the end of an era, Online Survivor 9 marked the beginning of a new era. Many of today's players made their debut in this season, while a few of the old ones stuck around to test out the new recruits. This made for an interesting clash of old and new, as Online Survivor moved on to its second life. With the new era, the game drastically changed with new rules and a whole new presentation. Just take one look at the index page, compare it to the past eight seasons, and you'll see what I mean. This was the beginning of the "modern" OLS, and is not a game you should miss. It won't disappoint.

Online Survivor 8 - All-Stars: May 17, 2004 - August 13, 2004
(Rating-3/5) The best of the best return to battle one more time. Online Survivor 8: All-Stars marked the end of an era. At the time, it felt like the end of a long journey. Now, only 4 years into the series seems like an insignificant speck in the massive timeline. Nevertheless, this season, at the time, was treated like a championship. Despite the fact that there were only 18 applicants, the majority of those applicants were major faces from the first 7 seasons, making for a massive showdown. At the time it seemed like a massive culmination with a somewhat disappointing execution, but now it is just another season, albeit a major landmark, for the game would never again be the same.

Online Survivor 7: January 12, 2004 - April 9, 2004
(Rating-5/5) A mass elimination gives birth to a third tribe. Online Survivor 7, statistically, was the best game of Survivor ever hosted online, quite possibly in anyone's series. With 88% attendance and dozens of other records absolutely smashed, I doubt it will ever be possible to replicate something like this again. Add to that an amazing mid-game twist that was ahead of Survivor's time and incredible new characters that would be series mainstays for years to come, and I challenge you to find a better game anywhere on the internet. If you're new to the site and don't know which game to start with, START HERE. This is the epitome of perfection in the Online Survivor universe.

Online Survivor 6: May 19, 2003 - August 23, 2003
(Rating-2/5) One tribe desperately tries to stay alive. Season 6 was an anomaly. Online Survivor 1 through Online Survivor 5 got progressively better, and better, and better. Even season 7 would top all of those. Online Survivor 6 was the one impurity in OLS' golden era. For some reason, attendance went down and the game just didn't have the same charm that the first five seasons had. That's not to say it was a bad season. It had a few twists and some new, extremely interesting, characters, but Online Survivor 6 seemed to regress in quality somewhere between OLS2 and OLS3, and the ending will leave you scratching your head wondering what the heck just happened.

Online Survivor 5: January 27, 2003 - April 25, 2003
(Rating-5/5) Despite being ready for it, a fake merger fools all. After seasons 3 and 4, I didn't think it could get any better. I didn't realize OLS was about to enter its golden era. Online Survivor 5 was simply amazing. It shattered every record in the book during the course of the game. It was also the first season to use truly game-altering twists, and even I couldn't believe how much I fooled the contestants, despite the fact they were expecting a twist. This game has it all, except possibly an exciting ending. After an amazing game, oddly enough, not many jurors decided to show up. But, put that one small fact out of your mind. Watch this season and you will be not be disappointed.

Online Survivor 4: June 10, 2002 - August 14, 2002
(Rating-4/5) A mysterious player brainwashes everyone. Online Survivor 4 pretty much centered around one person. If you don't know who by now, you should figure it out very quickly when reading the episodes. His influence was so great, that the mere suggestion of his presence would affect everyone's strategy for numerous games to come. Sure, there were other interesting characters in this game, but when it comes to the entire cast of 16 people (with no alternates for the first time, by the way), Online Survivor 4 is synonymous with only one of the screen names you'll see. Enjoy the ride.

Online Survivor 3: January 16, 2002 - April 12, 2002
(Rating-4/5) The series finally takes hold, and a tradition is born. Online Survivor 3 was the true start of the Online Survivor era. The attendance was high, introduced all of the all-stars you know and love today, and had the first large amount of major strategizing ever in an online game of Survivor. The attendance and strategy was so high, in fact, that EVERYONE was present when eliminated after the merge, and all jurors were present at the Final Tribal Council. If you're tentative about watching OLS' early seasons, start here. This should have been the true first season of Online Survivor.

Online Survivor 2: March 12, 2001 - July 3, 2001
(Rating-1/5) The game returns, over-saturated with challenges. Online Survivor 2 was the polar opposite of the first season in format. It was much shorter, introduced the point system, and had way too many challenges (sometimes two per day). However, it paved the way for Online Survivor 3 and the dozens of games to follow. While season 1 taught us what needed to be done, season 2 taught what should not be done. Expect some very weird things to occur that will never happen again. (Please note in seasons 1 and 2 I used the screen name "MMmasterX", and the game was called "AOL Survivor")

Online Survivor (1): September 11, 2000 - March 6, 2001
(Rating-1/5) The first ever Online Survivor experiment is attempted. In today's world, Online Survivor (1) may seem dull and uninteresting. The attendance was lousy, and there were no twists or surprises. There weren't even any Reward Challenges! Keep in mind that this WAS the first ever full game of Survivor played online (Just look at the date). Perhaps then, you can appreciate it. (Please note in seasons 1 and 2 I used the screen name "MMmasterX", and the game was called "AOL Survivor")