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DaFRO confronts Alec about his vote, while he himself uses CyberN's vote in a lie to further himself with Alec.
Alec54: jeeze
Alec54: orioles would have gotten voted off, had i been there?
DaFRO810 2: i, as a sign of mercy, vote Orioles, so Sonic can feel glad that somebody gave him a little cheer, or something like that
DaFRO810 2: of course, Cybern and Spider were not so nice
DaFRO810 2: and thus, Sonic's gone
DaFRO810 2: and Cybern's mighty pissed at you
Alec54: why?
Alec54: cause i voted with one of my allies?
DaFRO810 2: because you were supposed to, at least as far as we knew, vote w/us
Knowing he is not trusted anymore, Alec knows he must win Immunity to stay alive.
DaFRO810 2: i got it right, for goodness sakes!
DaFRO810 2: that's a load of crap!
DaFRO810 2: i had it right
Alec54: ok
Alec54: i guess i'm finished
Alec54: crud
And at Tribal Council, strategy will come into play more than ever, as yet another major player will unexpectedly go down.
CyberN 666: I want dafro out ASAP, he will win if we don't take care of him soon.
Sonicgear123: Backstab time...
InXdefenseXxX: wtf?
Alec54: here it comes
Sonicgear123: Final?
Sonicgear123: wow...
CyberN 666: My god.........
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