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As Tambaqui continues to look for their first victory, tensions arise between italian and JU
X iitalianbabi X: JU u friggin cheater
JUAirborne13: CHEATER?
JUAirborne13: HOw do I cheat?
JUAirborne13: For your witchy attitude
JUAirborne13: x italian
JUAirborne13: sick of that crap
X iitalianbabi X: u do this mother****er im not that stupid
italian continues to be bothered by her encounter with JU and breaks down
Kizatie xx: it's alright
X iitalianbabi X: hes so friggin cheating tho its not fair
X iitalianbabi X: even when i accused him hes like no i didnt
Kizatie xx: i know
Kizatie xx: i agree
X iitalianbabi X: im leaving this mother........
And with the majority immunity about to go to Jaburu, Tambaqui fights for its life down to the bitter end
X iitalianbabi X: the pressure...lol
JUAirborne13: COME ON DALE!
X iitalianbabi X: oh crud
X iitalianbabi X: omg im so nervous