^ACTUAL DATE - January 19, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 3/88^


Matgemini has entered the room.
Matgemini: im da first 1 here
Matgemini: ^_^
iamalwaysthemole: I'm first!
iamalwaysthemole has entered the room.
Matgemini: no i was
Matgemini: lol
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Caseboy6 has entered the room.
Matgemini: your second
Matgemini: i was the first person here
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iamalwaysthemole: I just wanted to say that
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Matgemini: this is the whole tribe
Matgemini: eh
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lag check
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Buddbuster has entered the room.
Matgemini: why u always check lag
Matgemini: is ya pc that bad
Buddbuster: sry im late guys
SkyDouglasLP has entered the room.
Buddbuster: im here finally
Buddbuster: YEAAA!!!!
Matgemini: ^_^
Matgemini has left the room.
iamalwaysthemole: my messages have just been coming a bit slower than normal
iamalwaysthemole: Hey Everyone, Hey Budd, nice to meet you
Matgemini has entered the room.
Matgemini: 8-)
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Buddbuster: nice to meet u sky
Hillbilly Baluga has left the room.
iamalwaysthemole: thanks
DJFresh828: hi guys
iamalwaysthemole: hi Hillbilly Baluga has left the room.
Buddbuster: so how have u guys been
iamalwaysthemole: how can a person leave three times without entering?
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Buddbuster: no clue man
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Hillbilly Baluga has left the room.
Hillbilly Baluga has entered the room.
Buddbuster: Hey Hilly
iamalwaysthemole: hey hill!
Hillbilly Baluga: Yes!
Hillbilly Baluga: Finally! Hey guys
iamalwaysthemole: hello hill
Hillbilly Baluga: sorry about all of that
Hillbilly Baluga: in case you all didn't know....Dog's computer was messing up...and bpcrap had to work tonight.
DJFresh828: reward challenge
iamalwaysthemole: bp is in our tribe?
iamalwaysthemole: how do you know DJ?
iamalwaysthemole: bp is in our tribe?
Matgemini: brb
Matgemini: hm
Hillbilly Baluga: I guess, I don't know! thats what bp told me
Matgemini: brb
DJFresh828: i just got an IM from the host
Matgemini: what he say
iamalwaysthemole: whoa, my comp is slow
DJFresh828: we have to elect a leader
Matgemini: ok whos leader
iamalwaysthemole: i think this was in the rules right?
Matgemini: let me be the leader
Matgemini: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: sure
DJFresh828: i can't stay past 8
Buddbuster: wanna roll for leader??
iamalwaysthemole: sounds fair
Hillbilly Baluga: oh, ok
Hillbilly Baluga: *suffering from lag*
iamalwaysthemole: we pick a leader and that leader makes up a challenge or something?
iamalwaysthemole: wow lag
iamalwaysthemole: well lets see who has a fun challenge idea
Buddbuster: ok how about first one to roll doubles EXP: 1 1, 2 2, 3 3, and so on is leader
OnlineHost: Buddbuster rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 4
OnlineHost: Matgemini rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 5
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't remember how to roll dice! lol
Buddbuster: ( //roll )
Buddbuster: loose the ( )
Matgemini: LOL
Matgemini: ^_^
OnlineHost: Hillbilly Baluga rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
iamalwaysthemole: whoa that was some lag lol
OnlineHost: SkyDouglasLP rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
Buddbuster: Case
Buddbuster: u gotta roll
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't know if I have a challenge idea...
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
OnlineHost: Caseboy6 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 4
iamalwaysthemole: ok case do you have a good challenge idea?
iamalwaysthemole: quick draw lol
Matgemini: yeh
Hillbilly Baluga: looks like Case is our leader
iamalwaysthemole: wow there was like no lag there lol
Buddbuster: Case are u alive
Buddbuster: ur not talking
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: but there was some lag for that one lol... but anyway yea case do u have a good challenge idea?
Matgemini has left the room.
Matgemini has entered the room.
Buddbuster: Case is lagging
Matgemini: u epopel need good pc's
Matgemini: like me
Buddbuster: im not lagging
Matgemini: with a highspeed connection like me
Matgemini: lol
Caseboy6: no lol
Caseboy6: i'm the leader?
iamalwaysthemole: its not the PC i dont think its AIM y theres lag right
Buddbuster: im Good :-)
Hillbilly Baluga: *again, suffering from lag*
iamalwaysthemole: cause i have dsl or something and usually chats are this slow, its just lag lol
iamalwaysthemole: arent*
Matgemini: chat is fast 4 me
iamalwaysthemole: ok does anyone HAVE a good challenge idea?
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Matgemini: must be aim
Matgemini: yes quick draw
DJFresh828: i have a bad lag too
iamalwaysthemole: we did that yesterday though lol
Matgemini: so
Matgemini: agian is nice
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: and plus alot of ppl have lag
iamalwaysthemole: but you dont
iamalwaysthemole: i wonder y you wanna play that game
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Matgemini: hehe
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: my lag is worse than all of yours I bet
Matgemini: ok i should be the leader since i was here since ols2
Matgemini: lol
Buddbuster: alright Mat u be the leader than
Matgemini: yes could be
iamalwaysthemole: it rotates who is leader anyways
iamalwaysthemole: Guys there is a leader every round, whoever has a challenge idea just be the leader lol
Matgemini: yeh
iamalwaysthemole: mat, if your the leader you cant play
iamalwaysthemole: just host the challenge
iamalwaysthemole: just so you know
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Matgemini: i d kno
Matgemini: well i do wanna play..
iamalwaysthemole: just in case you wanted to do quick draw so you could win lol
iamalwaysthemole: I was afraid something like this would happen
Matgemini: bah i wont be leader
Matgemini: *nah
iamalwaysthemole: ok
Matgemini: but lets play quick draw
iamalwaysthemole: i have an idea
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lets all put together ideas to make a challenge, then just roll to see who hosts it
Hillbilly Baluga: I'm pretty sure my lag is tied with yours mole
Hillbilly Baluga: Ugh! I hate lag...
Matgemini: brb bathroom lol
Buddbuster: how about Scrambleing words of Survivors??
Buddbuster: like Chrirad Tahhc
iamalwaysthemole: that could be fun
iamalwaysthemole: a game of unscramble
iamalwaysthemole: budd would you like to host?
iamalwaysthemole: what about jeopardy?
Buddbuster: answer: Richard Hatch
DJFresh828: that sounds good
Buddbuster: its not that good is it
Buddbuster: u could admit it
iamalwaysthemole: sounds like a good idea budd
Buddbuster: u want me to host it than??
iamalwaysthemole: i think ur challenge idea would be a fun challenge to play budd
iamalwaysthemole: sure if you want to
Buddbuster: ill do different categories? S1-S8 and then the person who get the first one picks the next category
iamalwaysthemole: make them tough though so its not just about speed since alot of ppl have lag so dont make the words like MAI
iamalwaysthemole: AMI lol
Buddbuster: could be from anything tribes players first names
Hillbilly Baluga: ooo..I like Jeopardy much more than unscramble
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: ..of course by the time these messages send, we would probably have already started the challenge
iamalwaysthemole: budd thats a great idea
Buddbuster: ok first category is Pearl Islands....
iamalwaysthemole: ok how many questions?
iamalwaysthemole: 8 messages came up at once hill
iamalwaysthemole: lets do that
Buddbuster: Dgarea anmdd
Hillbilly Baluga: but anything works for me :-)
Hillbilly Baluga: ...waits for my messages to send..
Hillbilly Baluga: just go ahead and give me last place..lol
Buddbuster: note: first word isnt with all those letters
iamalwaysthemole: lag check
Buddbuster: Hill i hate to be rude but can u change ur color
iamalwaysthemole: huh
Buddbuster: i just hate when people write in White
Hillbilly Baluga: I guess...
Buddbuster: u guys have to unscramble the word
iamalwaysthemole: thats 2 words though right
Buddbuster: the first word has 4 letters in it and the rest make the 2nd word
Buddbuster: give up
iamalwaysthemole: not yet
Buddbuster: ok
iamalwaysthemole: yes
Hillbilly Baluga: no..not yet
Caseboy6: dead grandma?
Hillbilly Baluga: are we allowed to have as many guesses as we want?
Buddbuster: Case - 2 points
Buddbuster: Case got it
Buddbuster: each question is 2 points
iamalwaysthemole: 2 points?
Buddbuster: fine 1 point
iamalwaysthemole: how many points are we playing to?
Buddbuster: were playing to 8 points
Buddbuster: So far Case - 1 Everyone else 0
Buddbuster: Case pick the next Category
Hillbilly Baluga: Oh, ok..
Buddbuster: ok nvm ill pick
Buddbuster: Survivor 2
iamalwaysthemole: lol ok
Hillbilly Baluga: *wishes the lag would quit*
Caseboy6: africa
Buddbuster: too late case i picked
iamalwaysthemole: please hurry
Buddbuster: wson nteisa
Caseboy6: ok
Caseboy6: too much lag lol
Buddbuster: ::Jeporady Music in background::
iamalwaysthemole: each unscrambles into its own word?
Buddbuster: its mixed all together
iamalwaysthemole: tina wesson
Buddbuster: its Related to Survivor 2
Hillbilly Baluga: Tina Wesson
Buddbuster: Iam got it
Hillbilly Baluga: dang....I HATE LAG!
iamalwaysthemole: thailand
iamalwaysthemole: tina wesson
iamalwaysthemole: lag...
iamalwaysthemole: ugh i typed in tina wesson like 10 seconds ago lag lol
iamalwaysthemole: well more then 10 seconds ago now
SkyDouglasLP has left the room.
Hillbilly Baluga: i might as well take last place
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
iamalwaysthemole: thailand budd
Buddbuster: Survivor 4: denis nlnehe
Buddbuster: Thai is next
Caseboy6: tina wesson
Matgemini: back
Matgemini: i was playen my DS
Matgemini: ^_^
Buddbuster: its a Castaway if u didnt know
Matgemini: i diddnt kno
iamalwaysthemole: neleh dennis
SkyDouglasLP has entered the room.
Buddbuster: yep
Buddbuster: u got it
Matgemini: got what
Matgemini: ds
iamalwaysthemole: you didnt wait for me budd?
iamalwaysthemole: the chat booted me
Matgemini: ?
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Matgemini: the DS is very coo
iamalwaysthemole: lag check
Buddbuster: Survivor Thailand: Tvcea yannca
Caseboy6: tanya vance
Buddbuster: Case got it
iamalwaysthemole: it was on the tip of my tongue!
iamalwaysthemole: guy left lol
Caseboy6: wow, that time it actually showed up lol
Buddbuster: i know
Hillbilly Baluga: Tanya Vance
iamalwaysthemole: we should cut it down to 5 budd because of time
DJFresh828 has left the room.
Buddbuster: Survivor Africa: Cobs wlodo
Buddbuster: its kinda hard thinking im sorry iam
Hillbilly Baluga: ..i'm sure I lost by now...darn lag
Buddbuster: next point wins after this.. somebody had to come in 3rd though
Buddbuster: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Buddbuster: it was one of the challenges
iamalwaysthemole: another hint? lol
Buddbuster: _ o _ _ _ _ o o _
Hillbilly Baluga: ?
iamalwaysthemole: cows blood
Hillbilly Baluga: I'm lost
iamalwaysthemole: cows blood
iamalwaysthemole: no way!!!
iamalwaysthemole: ugh i just got it too lol
Hillbilly Baluga: cows blood
iamalwaysthemole: gj iamalwaysthemole
Buddbuster: i am got it
Hillbilly Baluga: c'mon lag..don't fail me now
Hillbilly Baluga: DANG IT
Hillbilly Baluga: I might as well quit
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
iamalwaysthemole: cows blood didn't even get into the chat room a minute after I typed it lol
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Caseboy6: cows blood
Buddbuster: Survivor Amazon: Csmthyh risti
iamalwaysthemole: 1st:iam 2nd:Caseboy6 3rd:????
iamalwaysthemole: christy smith
iamalwaysthemole: yay! i got one
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: :-(
Buddbuster: 2 more ??'s
iamalwaysthemole: ok
Hillbilly Baluga: I guess..
Hillbilly Baluga: even though I'll lose!
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
iamalwaysthemole: wait how is iamalwaysthemole first?
iamalwaysthemole: didnt u only get one right? im confused lol
iamalwaysthemole: I have three right
iamalwaysthemole: o
iamalwaysthemole: gj
iamalwaysthemole: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Buddbuster: Survivor Boreno: Jsctp osnareshrio
Buddbuster: add another h
Buddbuster: sry i forgot another h
iamalwaysthemole: hint? lol
Caseboy6: sonja christopher
Hillbilly Baluga: darn you Case
Buddbuster: Case got it
Hillbilly Baluga: I was just in the process of typing it
Buddbuster: We got a tie 3-3
iamalwaysthemole: and i got 3rd?
iamalwaysthemole: cause i got one right
Buddbuster: yea
iamalwaysthemole: o ok well thats cool
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Buddbuster: So next point wins for them 2
Hillbilly Baluga: ok..
Buddbuster: this is a tricky one
Buddbuster: there is a message u must unscramble it and answer it in the chat
Hillbilly Baluga: can we all guess it?
Buddbuster: Mane lal het ursvoivr inwnres
Buddbuster: For the win!!!!
Buddbuster: only the two people tied can answer it
Caseboy6: richard tina ethan vecepia brian jenna sandra amber chris
Buddbuster: Case wins it
Hillbilly Baluga: *claps*
Hillbilly Baluga: good job case
Caseboy6: yay
Caseboy6: thanks
iamalwaysthemole: congrats case
iamalwaysthemole: I was just going to type the messae lol
iamalwaysthemole: *message
iamalwaysthemole: now I have no lag
Hillbilly Baluga: haha, me either iam
Hillbilly Baluga: it would figure too! lol
iamalwaysthemole: 1st:caseboy6 2nd:iamalwaysthemole 3rd:SkyDouglasLP
Buddbuster: Standings: 1st: Case - 4 points, 2nd: Iamalways - 3 points, 3rd: Sky - 1 point, Everyone else got 0
iamalwaysthemole: gj case
Hillbilly Baluga: yay for everyone else :-)
iamalwaysthemole: so the sp goes 10, 5, 3, 1 right?
iamalwaysthemole: yea i think so
iamalwaysthemole: we ended it at right time
iamalwaysthemole: I wonder what the other tribe is doing
Hillbilly Baluga: hm..no idea
iamalwaysthemole: I thought that the new way of individual reward was either going to be complete chaos or a complete success
Matgemini: 8-)
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah
Buddbuster: i gotta go soon AI is almost on
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
iamalwaysthemole: it's good being west coast
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah, Lost is getting ready to comeon too
Hillbilly Baluga: so don't everyone talk at once..lol
iamalwaysthemole: I wonder if we are allowed to go, it's 8et
Buddbuster: his away says "The day has ended, I'll see everyone next meeting :-)."
iamalwaysthemole: ok
Buddbuster: so i guess we could go??
iamalwaysthemole: Bye Everyone
iamalwaysthemole: bye
iamalwaysthemole has left the room.
Buddbuster: bye yall
Caseboy6: bye
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Matgemini has left the room.
iamalwaysthemole: Me You and Guy case lol
Caseboy6: lol
iamalwaysthemole: case r u saving the chats?
Caseboy6: i just sent it to guy, so its in my sent folder
iamalwaysthemole: o
Buddbuster: weho should we vote first
Buddbuster: im thinking mat since hes always like i was in it from the beginning
Caseboy6: lol
iamalwaysthemole: i know it is pretty annoying
iamalwaysthemole: how mat keeps saying like i was in OLS2!!!
iamalwaysthemole: its like ok ur being like superfan
iamalwaysthemole: was he in all stars?
Caseboy6: no
iamalwaysthemole: o
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Caseboy6: he said he didnt make the cut or something
iamalwaysthemole: o yea lol
iamalwaysthemole: guy the other ppl can see this until episodes right
Caseboy6: and superfan shouldnt be bragging cuz he quit
iamalwaysthemole: cant*
Caseboy6: hes not gonna save this, right?
iamalwaysthemole: if he puts it in the episodes thats fine lol i just dont want other people seeing this lol
iamalwaysthemole: but yea really superfan quit all stars because his master told him too
iamalwaysthemole: and he barely ever showed up right
iamalwaysthemole: thats what ive heard
iamalwaysthemole: lol
Caseboy6: lol