^ACTUAL DATE - January 26, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 10/88^


DOGHHH has entered the room.
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DOGHHH: Sorry I couldnt be in 2 chats I have AOL
B U D D Buster: Hey Yall
Hillbilly Baluga: Its ok DOG
DOGHHH: I felt really bad that I wasnt very contributious lol
bpcrap2: Good job everyone
bpcrap2: We did great
Hillbilly Baluga: Yeah, good job!
Hillbilly Baluga: i was worried because I have an overnight trip tomorrow, so I won't be able to be here :-(
SkyDouglasLP has entered the room.
Hillbilly Baluga: unless our hotel has internet
bpcrap2: What will tomorrow be?
bpcrap2: Another IC?
SkyDouglasLP: what hill
bpcrap2: Since there are 19 of us, and only 39 days.
bpcrap2: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: if we keep this up -- LOPEVI TIL MERGE
Hillbilly Baluga: nah, it'll prolly be the SP challenge
DOGHHH: what time are we allowed to get off? My dad needs the phone :-(
SkyDouglasLP: yea lopevi will keep winning immunities until the merge if we keep this up
SkyDouglasLP: obviously
SkyDouglasLP: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: and Lopevi til merge means Lopevi after merge...and then its ONLY LOPEVI
DOGHHH: Im so sorry i couldnt contribute
Hillbilly Baluga: no, its fine Dog
SkyDouglasLP: i dunno if im ready to make that kinda comitment yet
SkyDouglasLP: sorry hill
iamalwaysthemole: lol
bpcrap2: Im not a puzzle person.
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
bpcrap2: I unscrambled the words fast though.
DOGHHH: thanks Hill
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah
Hillbilly Baluga: but Yasur did a great job
Hillbilly Baluga: they were right on our heals
SkyDouglasLP: yea they did a pretty good job
iamalwaysthemole: I can't believe it's commercial free
B U D D Buster: Yea Yasur did do a good job but we did it better
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah, one move better! lol
SkyDouglasLP: I love Yasur... Sorry guys i think im going to jump ship from this alliance
SkyDouglasLP: At the merge
SkyDouglasLP: Because I love Yasur!
Hillbilly Baluga: lol @ Sky
DOGHHH: Those Yasurs...so young and wise ::rolls eyes::
DOGHHH: I mean so...wise
SkyDouglasLP: They are the best!
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
DOGHHH: Oh yah
SkyDouglasLP: Ok this is like Suck up fest
SkyDouglasLP: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: most definitely
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
bpcrap2: The "oldies" flipped the script and became dominant.
Hillbilly Baluga: yes, they did
Hillbilly Baluga: err...we did
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
SkyDouglasLP: lol
B U D D Buster: has anyone seen the Show Wicked
Hillbilly Baluga: yes
SkyDouglasLP: the musical?
B U D D Buster: was it good
B U D D Buster: i want to see it really bad
B U D D Buster: yes the musical
Hillbilly Baluga: well I saw teh bootleg of it (that is illegal, I know)...but it was AMAZING
B U D D Buster: where did u get it
SkyDouglasLP: i saw that, my family got tickets and went to NY to see it
Hillbilly Baluga: my friend downloaded it
B U D D Buster: o
bpcrap2: I saw Chicago
iamalwaysthemole: HEY YASUR, HOW IS YOUR DAY?
DOGHHH: ive never heard of it but now Im interested
DOGHHH: I love musicals
SkyDouglasLP: the first half is kinda slow but then right before the intermission it gets good
DOGHHH: Chicago is my favorite movie
SkyDouglasLP: then the second half of wicked is good
SkyDouglasLP: but thats my opinion
SkyDouglasLP: lol
B U D D Buster: We had dance pratice for the musical today
Hillbilly Baluga: oh, I love the first half
SkyDouglasLP: thats just what i remember thinking at the time
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: can we leave now?
Hillbilly Baluga: "Loathing...for your face, your voice, your clothing"
SkyDouglasLP: yea dog i guess so
DOGHHH: ttfn everyone
B U D D Buster: im listening to Defying Gravity from these 2 girls they did pretty good
DOGHHH: good job guys

Hillbilly Baluga: Two immunities in a roll! I'm filling confidant about our tribe. I'm afraid though that I might be a target because I've been a "standout" person in the missions. Plus, I'm kind of worried about my alliance. Maybe its just me, but Iam just seems...kinda "off". I'm not sure if I can trust him or not. We'll see....