^ACTUAL DATE - January 26, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 10/88^


thesavvyguy9 has entered the room.
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thesavvyguy9: I am so angry... we had that challenge in the bag
Ppenguin757: we were so close!
Ppenguin757: this sucks
Buddy9775: i know
Buddy9775: it sucks
Ppenguin757: if i wouldnt have let them get that 3 move up on us, we would have won
thesavvyguy9: it makes me sick to my stomach that someone is getting kicked out of the game for this
Buddy9775: i have to go take a shower in a min. so i can only be on for a little bit longer.
lil evil BRIAN: if we hadent messed up once
Ppenguin757: and i just figured out the strategy of the game
Buddy9775: omg this stinks.
Ppenguin757: i forgot about the two middle letters rule
Buddy9775: ever think that they could of cheated?
thesavvyguy9: ugh... this sucks I don't even want to think about TC
Buddy9775: me ethier
Ppenguin757: well we have a whole day and a half to think about it
thesavvyguy9: like that will make it any easier
thesavvyguy9: lol
Buddy9775: lol
thesavvyguy9: I want to beat the older people SOOO BAD!!
Ppenguin757: I KNOW
Ppenguin757: we beat them yesterday
thesavvyguy9: they probably think we are pushovers
Ppenguin757: and we were so close today
thesavvyguy9: I know... we should have won
Buddy9775: *sigh*
Buddy9775: well i have to go guys bye
Ppenguin757: bye
thesavvyguy9: bye
Buddy9775 has left the room.
thesavvyguy9: but is is sooo steriotypical to think that older people are better than younger people
thesavvyguy9: and we are just proving that steriotype right... by losing these Immunities
thesavvyguy9: I just feel like running over to Lopevi and screaming "SCREW YOU OLDER PEOPLE!!" lmao
thesavvyguy9: ooo... AI is on
thesavvyguy9: be back after the commercial
thesavvyguy9: lol
Ppenguin757: lol
Ppenguin757 has left the room.
lil evil BRIAN: because
lil evil BRIAN: the eye of the tiger
lil evil BRIAN: is the thrill of a life
lil evil BRIAN: rising high from our rivals
lil evil BRIAN: i think
lil evil BRIAN: thats how the song goes
E x X Boifriend: i like boys
lil evil BRIAN: ummmmmmm
lil evil BRIAN: ok than