Well I guess I couldn't tough it out until a tribal switch. It is so hard to try and fit into a tribe that is so young, and so much less mature. I thought I would be able to jump ship on the younger crowd later on into the game, but I guess I didn't even last long enough to do so. I still think that Yasur could have won this last Immunity challenge if we went with my ideas and my plans, rather than putting it all, once again, into PPenguin's hands. I was the one for Yasur to unscramble all four of our words for that challenge, nobody listened to me, and of course we lost. I don't mind too much, because I was safe even if we did lose. I had my alliances, and my friendship with Game, so had it not been for the disqualification I would have outlasted alot of other Yasurs still in the game. I want to wish everyone alot of luck, especially my tribe. I want to see a young person win this game!! Even if I wasn't planning on sticking with you guys, your the ultimate underdogs and you have the capiablities now that I am gone to take charge and seek vengence on those older folks. Why are we letting old, fat people run this game? Just kidding of course. Hope everyone has fun, and can get more out of this game than I did. My only regret is that I didn't have the time to play this game like it should be played. I am such a fan of this series, so it is very disapointing to see myself fail misrebly like I have. But, I know that it was the only fair thing... and that rules are rules. I could have outwited, outlasted, and outplayed everyone there, but since I disqualified myself I feel like the only person who beat me... was myself. I have noone else to blame for this, other than myself. Hopefully, with this elimination we have weeded out the last week player. I know this season will be great, and will be a true challenge to suceed in. I really hope everyone has what it takes....

DampeRip [savvy] Ex sucks.
Ex X Boifriend [savvy] sorry your never around
Game2Shark5 [Game2Shark5] (Absent)
thesavvyguy9 [thesavvyguy9] (Absent)
Ppenguin757 [SAVVY] Savvy, tonight my vote is for you. Ex really should be the one that I'm writing down, but inactivity is worse than a *****y, whiny baby. Good luck in the future.
Buddy9775 [Buddy9755] (Absent)
mmxsuperfan [Savvy...] Only because of Survivor Guy's stupid rules or Ex will be gone. And I SWEAR He will be gone next week.
lil evil BRIAN [--////SAVY\\\\--] Eh, I like savy and wanted to vote out ex but im stuck voting out savy :(