^ACTUAL DATE - February 3, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 18/88^


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Hillbilly Baluga: WE DID IT AGAIN
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DOGHHH: That was fun
Matgemini: WE SMACKED EM
SkyDouglasLP: gj everyone!
DOGHHH: I wish i didnt have AOL then I could be in both chats at once
Hillbilly Baluga: eh, its cool
Matgemini: WELL download aim
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: simple
Hillbilly Baluga: Good job for everyone that helped with the list
Matgemini: u can be on aima nd aol at da same time
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: I have AIM but that creates major lag
DOGHHH: my comp sucks
Matgemini: get a better pc
iamalwaysthemole: we've won three immunities in a row
Hillbilly Baluga: that we have
DOGHHH: i have 3...all suck
Matgemini: were the best
Hillbilly Baluga: had it not been for that stupid spirtual stone it would have been 4
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iamalwaysthemole: I think it's good we voted out Dj
Matgemini: hmm
DOGHHH: DJ was nice but not very talky
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah, considering he was almost completely inactive
iamalwaysthemole: inactvity ruins tribe
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah
bpcrap2: I wont be here tomorrow, so don't hate me
Hillbilly Baluga: no problemo
DOGHHH: Me either..I work...I hate living in central time zone
Matgemini: ay ay
Hillbilly Baluga: might have to miss next week :-\
Matgemini: oye
Hillbilly Baluga: awe
DOGHHH: I get screwed in the time zone stuff
SkyDouglasLP: mat r u going there?
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: Hes from there
iamalwaysthemole: he used to live there
DOGHHH: thats why his icon and stuff is all puerto rican
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: im reading a book about puerto rican gangs in NYc
DOGHHH: not even joking
Matgemini: yup
Matgemini: NETAS
Matgemini: latin kings
DOGHHH: and then there is this girl that doesnt have the fear gene
DOGHHH: so she kicks their ***es
DOGHHH: and saves NYC from evil
Hillbilly Baluga: *wishes itd hurry and be two minutes*
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Matgemini: im in a gang
iamalwaysthemole: *collects firewood*
SkyDouglasLP: dog is that called fearless?
DOGHHH: Yes it is lol
DOGHHH: I usually hate teen books
DOGHHH: but I like these ones
DOGHHH: have you read them sky?
Matgemini: ANY 1 HERE IN A GANG
Hillbilly Baluga: lol, I don't really have a taste in books....
DOGHHH: No. I was in a band once
iamalwaysthemole: we should be cutting to commercial break soon
Hillbilly Baluga: as of right now, I'm reading "Angels and Demons" Buddbuster: ::walks around Naked:: Buddbuster: j/k
Hillbilly Baluga: "Next time on Survivor..."
DOGHHH: Does your gang kill people mat?
SkyDouglasLP: no i havent dog but ive heard of those books
iamalwaysthemole: they are going to tribal council, which means it's just a commercial break
Hillbilly Baluga: oh yeah, thats right
Hillbilly Baluga: *me forgot*
Matgemini: most likely
Hillbilly Baluga: thats weird
Hillbilly Baluga: and disturbing
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
DOGHHH: ::stays away from Mat::
bpcrap2: Goodnight everyone, gonna watch American Idol now, missed it last night to watch UC lose to UofL . But if you need me you can IM me. See ya, and nice teamwork tonight
DOGHHH: Unlike Gaia I do have the fear gene
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: ::edges away from mat, and mat from s6
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Matgemini: hmmmmmmm
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
DOGHHH: LOL I wish I had special powers
Matgemini: i have speciasl powers
DOGHHH: like the girls from charmed
iamalwaysthemole: I have to leave, bye
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DOGHHH: Im pagan and paganism is nothing like TV says
Matgemini: if u become christian u have special powers
DOGHHH: I dont want to be christian.
DOGHHH: I have nothing against christians
DOGHHH: i just dont want to be one myself
Matgemini: ok..
Matgemini: lol
SkyDouglasLP: u have special powers as a christian?
SkyDouglasLP: like what mat?
Matgemini: the power to get anything u want
Matgemini: asloong as u obey god taht is"
SkyDouglasLP: so if u asked for 1 million dollars
DOGHHH: I get anyhting I want
SkyDouglasLP: ud get it
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: and I dont believe in God
DOGHHH: Homer did that
Matgemini: do u belive in ghosts n stuff
Matgemini: ?
DOGHHH: and he got struck by lightneing
Hillbilly Baluga: ok, I'm Christian...and um, Puerto Rico must have a different kind of Christianity because I don't get everything I want
Matgemini: yes u dog
DOGHHH: yes I do.
SkyDouglasLP: mat ur telling me if u asked for a million dollars ud just get it right away?
Matgemini: not rigth away like a freaken genie
Matgemini: probly some time threw out my life i would get blessed witha great job
Matgemini: in taht sence"
DOGHHH: I know a christian girl who is really fat and only has one eye
Matgemini: really?
SkyDouglasLP: r u a perfect christian mat?
DOGHHH: so if there is a god why does she only have one eye?
Hillbilly Baluga: Mat, God doesn't give you everything you wants. He gives you everything HE wants! He does what is best for you!
Matgemini: im not a perfect christain
Matgemini: no 1 is
Matgemini: yeh i kno but still if u ask 4 it you will get it
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: she always asks for 2 eyes
DOGHHH: but she still has one
Matgemini: simple
Hillbilly Baluga: everyone has difficulties Dog...maybe having one eye lets her see life from a different perspective.....not pun intended
Matgemini: he has his reasons
DOGHHH: and she wears these ****s with frogs on it that says "Dont Croak Without Jesus"
SkyDouglasLP: u were just saying as a christian u get anyone u want
SkyDouglasLP: anything*
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: ok
DOGHHH: If god was a genie then I would believe in him
Hillbilly Baluga: well sometimes Mat, you DON'T get anything you want, even if isnt like a genie. Sure, a lot of people wish to be rich, or wish to just have a job so they can have ANY amount of money. But they don't. God has His reasons for what...
Hillbilly Baluga: ...He does
DOGHHH: plus god says money is evil
Matgemini: yup
Matgemini: it is
Matgemini: curropts u
DOGHHH: mat why are you in a gang if your christian?
Hillbilly Baluga: everyone has a different calling, and if God doesn't want you to be rich, you won't be rich.
Matgemini: i wanna leave the gang
Matgemini: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: ok, this is just getting weird. I pray all of you see God's Glory someday
Matgemini: yup
Hillbilly Baluga: adios amigos
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SkyDouglasLP: what hill? lol
Matgemini: [email protected]
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SkyDouglasLP: Bye
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SkyDouglasLP: hm... lol
DOGHHH: Well that was fun..
Caseboy6: lol
DOGHHH: all we are missing is a black choir
DOGHHH: a genie...haha
SkyDouglasLP: mat is such a good christain... i bet hes hacking in extremesex.com
SkyDouglasLP: i mean
SkyDouglasLP: praying right now
SkyDouglasLP: i bet hes praying
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: he told me he hacks into porno sites
SkyDouglasLP: and he sent he a link to some sick site like ExtremeSex.com-Slave Wives
DOGHHH: thats gross.
SkyDouglasLP: i know
DOGHHH: im sure he hacks into child puerto rican gang porn too
DOGHHH: and nuns go wild
DOGHHH: .com
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: so what do u believe in dog?
Matgemini has entered the room.
DOGHHH: I am an eclectic pagan
Matgemini: whos the man
SkyDouglasLP: huh?
Matgemini: loll
DOGHHH: youre the man mat ::rolls eyes::
SkyDouglasLP: lol
Matgemini: HOW DARE U
Matgemini: lol.....im j.k
DOGHHH: haha ::scoots closer to sky::
DOGHHH: please dont kill me
SkyDouglasLP: lol
Matgemini: heh
Matgemini: anyways
Matgemini: i played a good game today
DOGHHH: You always play a good game mat
DOGHHH: We all really do wanna be just like you
DOGHHH: youre seriously our role model
Matgemini: i kno i kno
Matgemini: thank u thank u
DOGHHH: I have the urge to read the Bible now
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: go head my son!
Matgemini: read away!
DOGHHH: Hmm I think I will read Wicca: Guide For The Solitary Practitioner instead
SkyDouglasLP: u played a good game today in the challenge u mean?
Matgemini: yeh
SkyDouglasLP: dog i wrote a play called wicca for school
Matgemini: dont u agree
DOGHHH: really? coll what was it about?
DOGHHH: Yes Mat you rock my socks
Matgemini: whats good with your remarks?
SkyDouglasLP: it was about evil witches and how God punished them!
SkyDouglasLP: no im jk... my view on witches is that if they do exist they are good
DOGHHH: oh no
DOGHHH: Ok good lol
DOGHHH: So you believe in witches Sky?
DOGHHH: they are real and innocent and gentle
DOGHHH: well some are pissed off
Matgemini: so
DOGHHH: but the good pagans dislike them
Matgemini: yes n where did they come from
SkyDouglasLP: good pagans dislike witches?
DOGHHH: noo good pagans dislike evil ones
SkyDouglasLP: o pissed off witches
DOGHHH: every religion has good and bad people
DOGHHH: yeah
SkyDouglasLP: r u a witch dog?
DOGHHH: there are good christians who have good intentions
DOGHHH: and others that have really bad intentions
DOGHHH: same with buddhists, hindus, muslims, etc
Matgemini: acually the point of being christian is to olny have good intentions
Matgemini: lol..
DOGHHH: same with paganism mat..but there are still bad ones
Matgemini: yes yes
DOGHHH: and I dont know if Im a witch or not
DOGHHH: I dont do spells
DOGHHH: so not really
SkyDouglasLP: um mat remember the whole priest/molestation thing
Matgemini: isenta whitch a girl
SkyDouglasLP: not all catholics are good
DOGHHH: yeah like britney spears
SkyDouglasLP: i think witches can be guys or girls if they do exist
DOGHHH: shes a catholic
SkyDouglasLP: warlock doesnt sound nice
SkyDouglasLP: lol
Matgemini: i thought the male which was a warlock
DOGHHH: some people say warlock is an evil form of a witch
Matgemini: or a wizard
Matgemini: witches worhsip the devil
DOGHHH: LOL Ihope me being pagan doesnt scare everyone away
SkyDouglasLP: so dog have u ever seen any spells performed?
DOGHHH: no we dont1
DOGHHH: yeah
Matgemini: they get the power for there spells from the devil
DOGHHH: Ive done spells that dont require ritual..but its more like a christian verison of a prayer
DOGHHH: using meditation and concentration
DOGHHH: Witches dont believe int he devil mat
Matgemini: es
DOGHHH: I dont believe in satan
Matgemini: whats with the star then
SkyDouglasLP: mat ur views are so one sided lol
DOGHHH: Mat...Im pagan..I know
SkyDouglasLP: at least listen to what he is saying
Matgemini: heh but he belives in u
Matgemini: n he wants to kill u
Matgemini: not good thing
SkyDouglasLP: my religion
DOGHHH: Mat, fine, if I go to ****, I will say "haha mat was right I lose"
DOGHHH: happy"
Matgemini: no im not happy
SkyDouglasLP: is kinda a mix between christian and something else
Matgemini: im just letten u know
SkyDouglasLP: not paganism necessarily
DOGHHH: Mat you jknow nothing about paganism
Matgemini: its 1 religin or another
Matgemini: not mix
SkyDouglasLP: i can believe in different things mat
SkyDouglasLP: u can believe in different things from different religions
Matgemini: then tahts your 0wn religin
SkyDouglasLP: i dunno maybe
DOGHHH: Pagan does not have set rules
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: all pagans believe in different things
DOGHHH: pagans only have a few rules
SkyDouglasLP: i believe that God exists and i also believe that maybe witches do exist but i think that if they do exist, they get their power from GOd
DOGHHH: all the rest can be believed by individual pagans
SkyDouglasLP: GOd*
SkyDouglasLP: God*
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: not the devil
Matgemini: no god is divine power
DOGHHH: Well we dont believe in a god..we believe ina god and a goddess
Matgemini: goddes?
Matgemini: eh
DOGHHH: and it isnt like the christian god though..it is more like nature personified
DOGHHH: the sun represents the god, and the moon the goddess
DOGHHH: every quality in nature has a male and female characteristic
DOGHHH: females and males are equal beings
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: just one man cant create everything...he needs a woman
DOGHHH: thats just my opinion though
Matgemini: but man created woman
DOGHHH: Im not saying for yall to believe in my opinions
Matgemini: he aint need her for that prosses
Matgemini: lol
SkyDouglasLP: dog do u feel like u have an essence surronding u?
DOGHHH: an aura?
DOGHHH: Or what do you mean?
SkyDouglasLP: syre
SkyDouglasLP: sure*
DOGHHH: I dont know..I dont know how to read auras.
SkyDouglasLP: o
DOGHHH: My only "power" is precog.
Matgemini: is what?
DOGHHH: precog.
Matgemini: which is
DOGHHH: Precognition? You dont know what that is?
Matgemini: nope
DOGHHH: glimses of the future
DOGHHH: Im not fighting
DOGHHH: Im not saying Im right
Matgemini: or debate
Matgemini: or anything
DOGHHH: Well I dont believe int he bible, hom
DOGHHH: hon*
DOGHHH: the*
SkyDouglasLP: does it say anything about shoving ur religion down other ppls throats?
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: thank you sky hehe
Matgemini: it says not to worship anyother god
Matgemini: n if u do u will be destroyed
DOGHHH: destroyed?
Matgemini: "condemmed
SkyDouglasLP: it also says thou shall not steal right?
Matgemini: yup
SkyDouglasLP: isnt hacking stealing info
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: thout shall not kill
Matgemini: i dont kill
Matgemini: ok
SkyDouglasLP: ok
SkyDouglasLP: thats true
SkyDouglasLP: mat
DOGHHH: Mat I do respect your religion
DOGHHH: honestly
Matgemini: good
DOGHHH: I think people should believe in whatever they believe in
DOGHHH: whatever makes them happy and makes their life more livable, then good for them
DOGHHH: I wish all these wars and deaths would stop over religion
DOGHHH: none of our gods, goddesses, etc etc would approve of whats going on in the world
DOGHHH: so everyone should just respect everyone
Matgemini: thats cool brb
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Matgemini: ^_^
DOGHHH: We are all different...so cmon, who cares hwo is black, white, pink, blue, green, yellow, gay, straight, lezbian, christian, hindu, pagan, schopol teacher, cop, nurse, or stripper1
Matgemini: who cares about opinipns?
Matgemini: ol
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DOGHHH: my CD play jus broke :-(
DOGHHH: player*
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Matgemini: yooooooo
DOGHHH: do you believe in ghosts mat?
Matgemini: yes i do
DOGHHH: you jkeep aksing that
DOGHHH: have you seen them?>
Matgemini: no but they do exsist
Matgemini: n they r demons
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DOGHHH: demons?
DOGHHH: I dont believe in demons.
SkyDouglasLP: ugh mat is so
SkyDouglasLP: mat
Caseboy6: lol
DOGHHH: he reminds me of a 12 year old girl.