My tribe was the bomb, i loved almost everyone on their. I know why i am gone and i'm cool with it. I just hope someone on my tribe will win, it would be very nice to see that even though i'm off someone i like(everyone on my tribe) would win the game. So goodluck and i really am cheering for you. ~Chris~

DampeRip [Buddy is Cool] I vote Buddy. Im sorry, I wanted to vote LiL, but I was outgunned....
Ex X Boifriend [Budi] I have no idea why right now, but it seems that this tribe wants me to vote him? I'm so freaking confused right now, you have no idea, but i am a pretty good lyer, i don't give a crap if they gave me a second chance, thats is their fault. I dont expect to stay, I am NUMBER one on their lists probably, but geeeeezzzzz this is crazy. Good Luck Buddy!
Game2Shark5 [Buddy] I'm voting you because I haven't been around and neither have you. But everyone still asks me who to vote, lol. I guess I'm still this group's leader! I just haven't connected with you Bud, See-ya.
Ppenguin757 [Buddy :(] Man, I'm sorry, but it's time for you to go. This is a tribal decision, and it's just best for all of us. Sorry, and good luck in the future.
Buddy9775 [Superfan] Superfan, this is just my gut right now, that i think you will be the one leaving,and i really hope it's not me, but i will miss you if you go.I will miss anyone if they go, i love this tribe. love ya, love everyone, just going with my gut, sorry dude.
mmxsuperfan [Buddy...] because I think everybody else is voting for him.. and if they aren't, they're voting me.
lil evil BRIAN [+BUDDY9775+] Well ummm Like i said before I was voting with the tribe and the tribe sad Buddy so thats why im voting for him