DOGHHH never submitted any last words.

Caseboy6 [Dog :-(] Sorry....I dont wanna vote you but I'm being forced. I know I'll talk to you after this game is over but I wish you were still in. Dampe survives yet again but hopefully he'll go next week.
DampeRIP [dog] cause guy is cool
Hillbilly Baluga [Dog] I hate having to do this. Probably the person I got closest to! Why couldn't you be on today my friend, why? If there was anything in my power I could do to get you to get online, believe me, I would! you are one of the most awesome people and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. I know we'll stay friends for a long time after this! I will get justice for this vote off!! Much love
Matgemini [Matgemini] (Absent)
SkyDouglasLP [Dog :(] Well once again we are being forced to vote for someone due to their low attendence to meetings, or to vote for ourselves. Dog I of course wouldnt vote you off this early if I had a choice but now I have no choice, I either vote for you or dont vote at all, casting a vote for myself. Dog you were great to talk to when you were around and I hope you had a fun time playing the game. You seem like a great and intelligent person and I hope I get to talk to you again after this game. Thanks for playing Dog.