I was pretty much expecting to go but I'm not mad at all, I will be if Buffy makes it to the final 2 and I wont be able to vote him but other then that its ok. They were all influenced by BP which I think is wicked funy lol. But then again, according to BP, I will backstab anyone, I cant be trusted, I'm a very bitter person and I have people working for me to get information lol...cuz ya know, I LOVE to strategize and talk behind people's backs . Losing BP's trust...over a mini game(i never play mini games and the one time i do, hes in it)!! So BP, I hope you lose right away, for flipping out on me, for voting me out, for IMing me with those BOTS and you dont deserve to be in this game. I wanna wish Hill and Buffy luck...especially Buffy, obviously. Buffy you can win this thing cuz you're a great player and this game has no prince and sorta no yosh lol. Also I wanna thank Survivor Guy 886 for letting me play in his games, thanks.

Caseboy6 [mmxsuperfan] don't think this vote will make a difference...I gotta trust bp on this which i dont think is a good thing :-\
bpcrap2 [Case] Sorry Case. It is your time to go. I outwitted you. You lack in the social skills department and I brought it to surface. You should really think twice about who your real friends are because I was there for you until the end. I liked you, I really did. I know it's a cutthroat thing for me to do, but I can't allow you to have 1 spark of hope left and try to get my allies to turn on me. The people I am with now, aren't the best allies, but they're votes and in the game of Survivor, that is what counts more than anything. You would still be in this game if you wouldn't have lost my trust and went agaisnt me and tried to get me expelled from the game. That is dirty and low and not appreciated. So tonight my vote goes for you - Case.
Hillbilly Baluga [superfan] i vote for superfan. This game sucks without me, dale, clear, frog, ty, and spider. I hope this game doesn't die because of these new people. I mean they don't show and attendance is killing people, almost would have killed travis I think. I'm surprised Superfan is one of the good players this year. Weird. But during allstars he never showed so I'll vote for him. Oh and hi Guy, haven't talked to you in a while.
Matgemini [super] metriod, i vote metriod and also super %^_^
SkyDouglasLP [mmx "super" fan] Mmxsuperfan, you are rude and you are annoying. Tonight has been so nervewracking, Lilevil took a joke I made the wrong way and that put me on the possible chopping block. Then Game finally tells me that I will save myself if I vote for Case. But no matter how big of a liar people like Yosh or Clear think I may be, I would never backstab Case like that because our friendship is more important then just one online game to me. If I go tonight, Case you know you are an amazing friend and thanks for being there and being such a good ally once again, and if I stay and Case goes because of bpcrap2, bpcrap2 you better watch your back because I wont go out without a fight. And if superfan goes, then yay! lol
E x X Boifriend [cASE] I'm voting for case, although i wanted to vote for Sky because he friggen annoys the heck out of me, i want to vote for mat to because he's one of the worst examples of human humanity, but he has immunity. Oh well, uh good luck case, luv ya not.
Game2Shark5 [Caseboy6] This is for the good of the alliance of seven. Which you are not apart of. Wish you made jury, seeya mate!
Ppenguin757 [CASEBOY6] Sorry man, but it's my alliance's decision. Sky was my first choice, but sometimes you have to step back and let them do all the work. You're strong, you're manipulative, and I really don't like your personality. You're a threat to my status in the game, and you need to go. Sorry, man.
mmxsuperfan [Case...I suppose.] Sorry man, this is how the tribe voted. If it was my choice, i'd get rid of Sky. but I want to go with the tribe...