{Actual Date}-{June 2, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{4/89}


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pacashe109: ok vote for me everyone
mmxsuperfan: Vote meh and I will make sure I don't miss any more
RaveMaster4321: We have to give speeches
pacashe109: u gotta be kidding me its not that important
RaveMaster4321: yeah it is
blksurferdude: I will go first
RaveMaster4321: k
blksurferdude: I belive That I should be captain, Is because i got to know every1 of you on personal levels ive talk to you everytime you r on, I am a good sportsman, Today at challeneg i was trying to motivate us.. I believe that I ahve to wits
blksurferdude: to b captain
blksurferdude: vote Blk surfer duder
blksurferdude: thanks
RaveMaster4321: On my allegian to my friends, my compadres,and my fellow teammates. We have became a family, with all the ups and downs, us Ulong have became a family. with me being a Tribal Leader, I will make sure everyone is heard in ourchalleg
RaveMaster4321: I wont turn ne 1 away
RaveMaster4321: I shall make sure that everyone is treated fairly as a friend and a noble ally...You are all my friends and I promise to keep it real with you guys. Vote for me and you will have an ALLEGAINCE, A GREAT EMPIRE, A SURVIVOR GAME THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD EVER HAVE, WE WILL MAKE KUROR TOAST
blksurferdude: good speech
RaveMaster4321: Ill make a safe environment by taking responsibilities and tasks, that are responsible and dependable
blksurferdude: ok enough Rave
blksurferdude: lol
mmxsuperfan: Friends, I would be greatful to be the capitain due to my experience in this game. I can lead this tribe to the winners circle. I will show up for the challenges as much as possible.
blksurferdude: ok
blksurferdude: lets vote
thesavvyguy9: you all gave compelling arguments, but I stick to what I said at the challenge. Rave is a good leader, and I think he has what it takes to step it up for Ulong.
RaveMaster4321: thankyou
ecukid1983: ok im sure u all have ur pos and negs but i think that if we have to have a leader i guess im voting for rave, not saying anyone else wouldnt make a great leader
RaveMaster4321: thankyou
FishyCat24: its been a day full of hard decesions.....very hard ones cause with his vote i feel i might lose the respect of others.
FishyCat24: i am voting rave
blksurferdude: ok
Cards39: Well I agree with Savvy by electing the leader based on the challenge, which would help us get organized. Rave showed that he has the potential to be a leader so I'll also vote him.
blksurferdude: well tahts it
blksurferdude: rave is capatian i would have voted mmx knowing this rave'ls first game
RaveMaster4321: gee thx blk
blksurferdude: what
RaveMaster4321: lol nvm
RaveMaster4321: Thankyou all who voted for me. i appreciate it bunches, I will not let you down
blksurferdude: I am pissed
RaveMaster4321: why r u pissed
blksurferdude: I just thought i had some good qualifacations to be capatain, but I guess those atrributes will come into paly another time
ecukid1983: no one is no better then anyone else man. we all have something to offer to this tribe
blksurferdude: Y are u sorry
blksurferdude: theres no reason
blksurferdude: I say we nominate leaders, depending on what type of challenges
blksurferdude: cause rave may not be good at all of these challnegs maybe m,ost but we have guys that are really good and every challenge isnt the same
ecukid1983: we wont know the challenge until that day
RaveMaster4321: ummm cant we all just work as a team
ecukid1983: i think the leader thing just divided us even more