{Actual Date}-{June 6, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{8/89}



ecukid1983: well interesting week. 3 days and 3 tribal councils. my tribe is a wreck. i hope we can settle down and get organized. rave and surfer both wanna be leaders. rave is alittle bossy and surfer is nice but i dont think he would make a good leader. oh well we will see.

thesavvyguy9: I was kinda curious about what happens if we lose to Korror tomorrow
thesavvyguy9: just from your perspective
RaveMaster4321: we wont
thesavvyguy9: I know... but if we have to vote someone out
thesavvyguy9: who would you go for as of now?
RaveMaster4321: if mmx is there tomorrow, and he does good then im not voting for him
thesavvyguy9: who would you vote for instead?
RaveMaster4321: good question lol
thesavvyguy9: could you see yourself voting for me?
RaveMaster4321: probably not why
thesavvyguy9: well just to rule myself out of that category
thesavvyguy9: I'm trying to be helpful in the challenges and socially active
thesavvyguy9: and I don't know... but mmxsuperfan really rubbed me the wrong way
thesavvyguy9: I think it was obvious where I stood with him at the last Tribal Council... and I'm sorry but I don't apreciate beggars
RaveMaster4321: but he showed more then dampe
RaveMaster4321: so it wouldnt be right
thesavvyguy9: he showed up to TC and thought he had a free ride because he could just apologize for not being there with us at the challenges and meetings
RaveMaster4321: ok but i have faith in mmx thesavvyguy9: well I want to have faith in him... but there is no way he can make up for the time he has missed
RaveMaster4321: well if he helps us win then maybe
RaveMaster4321: but he has every right to try to win immunity as we do
thesavvyguy9: well we'll see if he has a change of heart towards this game... or if he will be unreliable AGAIN and go MIA on us
thesavvyguy9: I know if we lose... my vote will be going for him
thesavvyguy9: just because everyone else has been playing the game and has been with Ulong from the start... not saying MMX will be the cause of our loss, just that if we do lose he is the least deserving of staying in
RaveMaster4321: yeah but if we lost, but mmx did the best out of us all would u sitll vote for him
thesavvyguy9: lets just say this... I would have a very hard time writing someone else's name down who was with us from the very beginning at all the meetings, challenges, and TCs
thesavvyguy9: right now we need people who are around, not people who show up when they feel like it... even if they do well in a challenge and try to redeem themselves
thesavvyguy9: I would take someone who was so/so in the challenges, but had heart for the game and always particpated and was active over someone who shows up occasionally and wins a challenge for us
thesavvyguy9: don't you feel that way?
RaveMaster4321: u cant base mmx off anything yet so just chill....im ecstatic that ur expressing ur opinions but
RaveMaster4321: i just get this vibe that ur telling me to vote for someone that has the potential
thesavvyguy9: he might have potential... and I understand that you want to give him a chance to redeem himself and prove himself to be worthy of staying in the tribe, but I think that the rest of us have already done that
thesavvyguy9: it just seems to be a little too little too late for me
RaveMaster4321: honestly i think ur beign a little bit judgemental
thesavvyguy9: I wish I had something to base my opnions on other than the two times he showed up
thesavvyguy9: he has not formed any bonds with anyone on the team it seems... bonds just can't be built instantaniously. They are built with trust over time.
RaveMaster4321: have u tried to talk to him
RaveMaster4321: have u made ne attempts
thesavvyguy9: I have wanted to get to talk to him... and he is NEVER on
RaveMaster4321: lets just wait til tomorrow
RaveMaster4321: as tribe leader...i appreciate ur opinions but everybody deserves a fair chance.
thesavvyguy9: I know what your saying but it isn't fair to put MMXsuperfan on the same playing field with the rest of us when we have been the ones at the challenges and meetings, and he hasn't
thesavvyguy9: I don't like it at all how he is getting a free ride with us.
RaveMaster4321: ok i understand, dont put it like that
RaveMaster4321: would u agree on giving him one last chance
thesavvyguy9: I'll agree to it, but if I am being completely honest with you I don't think I have it in me to spare him, even if he shows up again.
thesavvyguy9: he just hasn't put in the effort... I don't know, he would have to do something miraculous at the challenge
thesavvyguy9: the only reason why I felt it was important to bring up with you, is because the threat of keeping superfan and losing one of our strong competitors is at risk here. I think this could devastate our tribe if we don't take action.
RaveMaster4321: ok i understand completely
RaveMaster4321: well wait til tomorrow
thesavvyguy9: okay
blksurferdude: Wohoo ulong
blksurferdude: were gona win
FishyCat24: for sure
blksurferdude: lets change our font
RaveMaster4321: yes we are
FishyCat24: blue
RaveMaster4321: go blue
FishyCat24: no
blksurferdude: its this color
FishyCat24: we are
RaveMaster4321: DAMN STRAIGHT
mmxsuperfan: hmmm
RaveMaster4321: uhhhh
FishyCat24: nothing
RaveMaster4321: lol ok
RaveMaster4321: soorry
RaveMaster4321: *crickets chirping*
FishyCat24: lol
blksurferdude: go ulong
RaveMaster4321: \w/
RaveMaster4321: \m/
pacashe109: is it storming at ur place guys
RaveMaster4321: not yet
FishyCat24: so our goal is to get immunity
Cards39: me either
FishyCat24: then worry about reward right
blksurferdude: And reward
pacashe109: cus my dad says i need to get off tul it p***es
RaveMaster4321: oh snap
pacashe109: i will be back mayb in half hour
blksurferdude: later dude
FishyCat24: bye
Cards39: guys, i'll brb, i wanna switch computers
RaveMaster4321: klk
RaveMaster4321: kk
FishyCat24: ok
RaveMaster4321: i wonder when were going to start
RaveMaster4321: hmm
FishyCat24: hopefully soon
FishyCat24: since looks like alot of u are dealing with storms
RaveMaster4321: not me
FishyCat24: me niether
FishyCat24: is sunny for once here in FL
RaveMaster4321: i agree
RaveMaster4321: im in FL as well
FishyCat24: jacksonville?
RaveMaster4321: ocala
FishyCat24: no way
FishyCat24: cool I am on orlando
FishyCat24: in
RaveMaster4321: awsome
FishyCat24: :-)
RaveMaster4321: were missing half of our team
FishyCat24: we are missing pa
RaveMaster4321: ecu
FishyCat24: oh yeah
RaveMaster4321: and Big
thesavvyguy9: eco told me he would be here
RaveMaster4321: kk
blksurferdude: Tree mail
RaveMaster4321: seriously
FishyCat24: oh boy


RaveMaster4321: hmm
FishyCat24: spy?
thesavvyguy9: sounds fun
RaveMaster4321: this is gonna be good
blksurferdude: yeah
FishyCat24: this must be for reward
RaveMaster4321: im guessing
FishyCat24: :-)
RaveMaster4321: maybe its like a game of last to leave the room
FishyCat24: lol i got no life ill stay on till tomm when i go to work
RaveMaster4321: same lol
Cards39: lol
RaveMaster4321: well it says just stay on the board
RaveMaster4321: or maybe were playing chess lol