{Actual Date}-{June 9, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{11/89}


thesavvyguy9: we are going to win!
blksurferdude: lol
RaveMaster4321: hell yah
FishyCat24: :-)
blksurferdude: Yes every i am good arent
blksurferdude: i
blksurferdude: Ive been studying almost every min
blksurferdude: my mom put input
blksurferdude: All of u put input
thesavvyguy9: I've been practicing with blk and he is very good
FishyCat24: yes he is
ecukid1983: yeah definitely
RaveMaster4321: yep
FishyCat24: :-)
blksurferdude: i atleast practice with all of you for an hour or more
RaveMaster4321: yep yep
ecukid1983: -- --- ... - / -.. . ..-. .. -. .. - . .-.. -.--
FishyCat24: Go ulong?
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: no its most definitely
FishyCat24: lol ok
blksurferdude: m o . t
blksurferdude: yes
RaveMaster4321: sry just testing my translator
blksurferdude: ur fast
FishyCat24: weres cards he was just on
ecukid1983: .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-.. .-..
blksurferdude: i invited him again
blksurferdude: i love
ecukid1983: i love you all
blksurferdude: yeah
blksurferdude: .. / -.-. . -. - / .-- .- .. -
Cards39 has entered the room.
FishyCat24: alot of there tribe is missing
Cards39: ok guya, brb
Cards39: guys*
ecukid1983: u put i cent wait
RaveMaster4321: yeah i wonder where pa is
thesavvyguy9: sorry for not talking... I'm trying to eat dinner before the challenge
thesavvyguy9: lol
RaveMaster4321: lol
RaveMaster4321: thts ok savvy
FishyCat24: no johnfat no penguin
blksurferdude: guess whos not gonna make it
blksurferdude: mmx
FishyCat24: whi
FishyCat24: oh
ecukid1983: sure hope ppengiun doesnt show
blksurferdude: all he said was i am not gonna make it
FishyCat24: yeah
blksurferdude: even if he does show
ecukid1983: or fatty
RaveMaster4321: ok
FishyCat24: so mmx already said he was NOt coming?
blksurferdude: guys the didnt study the code
RaveMaster4321: i wonder why pa hasnt shown recently
blksurferdude: yeah
Cards39: hey
blksurferdude: he has basbeall
RaveMaster4321: ummm ok
ecukid1983: hope they didnt find the link to the translator
FishyCat24: :-)
ecukid1983: im sure they did tho
FishyCat24: i dont think they did
ecukid1983: whale is on
blksurferdude: yeha they got the translator
RaveMaster4321: well there is prolly 3 hundred of them on the interenet
blksurferdude: hey guys
ecukid1983: how did they get the translator
blksurferdude: rmemebr during challenge turn on away
blksurferdude: ist easy
FishyCat24: ok
blksurferdude: type translator in yahoo
ecukid1983: lol yeah
blksurferdude: cause other team might try to im u
Cards39: so what time is immunity?
ecukid1983: bunch of jerks
blksurferdude: not sure here
Cards39: I'll brb
Cards39: I gotta restart
blksurferdude: i am gonna take a pissed wtahc out for tree mail
ecukid1983: well we just wait untim guy invites us
blksurferdude: treemail
blksurferdude: i dont have it
ecukid1983: pissed lol
blksurferdude: lol
RaveMaster4321: BLK TOO MUCH INFO
ecukid1983: tree mail
ecukid1983: :-)
FishyCat24: i dont think there will me tree mail
blksurferdude: ecu has it
FishyCat24: we already got it tuesday
FishyCat24: oh

ecukid1983: TREE MAIL:{You know the challenge}{5 minutes remain}{To LEARN Morse Code}

blksurferdude: I learned it
FishyCat24: so it starts at 715
ecukid1983: just missed cards
ecukid1983: lol
RaveMaster4321: wow some tree mail
RaveMaster4321: lol
ecukid1983: i got tree mail two days in a row
ecukid1983: lucky me
ecukid1983: lol
FishyCat24: ive never had it
ecukid1983: aww :-(
RaveMaster4321: lol
RaveMaster4321: we have such a small team lol
blksurferdude: lol
FishyCat24: theres is smaller
FishyCat24: actually i think is even 5 vs 5
FishyCat24: no wait we have 6 they have 5
ecukid1983: who is on for them
FishyCat24: gam,clear,dog
FishyCat24: big and lil
ecukid1983: brian
RaveMaster4321: penguing
blksurferdude: Li brian studied
ecukid1983: is ppengiun on
FishyCat24: i guess penguing is hiding
RaveMaster4321: lmao
ecukid1983: ohh ok
FishyCat24: cause he doesnt show on my list
Cards39: did i miss anything?
FishyCat24: nope
RaveMaster4321: treemail
ecukid1983: tree mail
ecukid1983: TREE MAIL:{You know the challenge}{5 minutes remain}{To LEARN Morse Code}
blksurferdude: challenge is 1 mi
blksurferdude: min
blksurferdude: go ulong
RaveMaster4321: yay
RaveMaster4321: it would have been so funny if we were named shlong
RaveMaster4321: lmao\
ecukid1983: make sure u hide on coming messages if ur away message is up
ecukid1983: lmao shlong
blksurferdude: lol
FishyCat24: :-)
blksurferdude: tribe shlong nice and hard
ecukid1983: me like shlongs
RaveMaster4321: lmao