{Actual Date}-{June 13, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{15/89}


thesavvyguy9 has entered the room.
FishyCat24 has entered the room.
FishyCat24: YES
FishyCat24: i am starting to dislike our host
FishyCat24: CAMERA MAN
FishyCat24: tell him that
FishyCat24: ok
thesavvyguy9: Rob don't worry
FishyCat24: no man
thesavvyguy9: they won nothing important
FishyCat24: he makes games so damn long and stupid
FishyCat24: we were there for 30 mins throwing questions back and foward like some volleyball
thesavvyguy9: we almost had it won... only needed one more right answer
Cards39 has entered the room.
Cards39: sorry, i didnt know there was another room
Cards39: I had my away message on
Cards39: you guys did good
thesavvyguy9: well I learned that I hate trivia just as much as I hate Koror
thesavvyguy9: lol
Cards39: lol
thesavvyguy9: I try to be fast... but then I will misspell
thesavvyguy9: lol
Cards39: but it was a nice effort
thesavvyguy9: it was... we had them hopeless for a second
RaveMaster4321 has entered the room.
RaveMaster4321: HI
thesavvyguy9: hey Rave
Cards39: hey
FishyCat24: yep
RaveMaster4321: I WAS LIKE OK YAY GO ULONG....
RaveMaster4321: NO OFFENSE
thesavvyguy9: I had no blood circulation from typing so many answers
RaveMaster4321: BUT GOOD JOB GUYS
thesavvyguy9: lol
RaveMaster4321: LOL
FishyCat24: and all this for what a acript from our tc
FishyCat24: all we been doing is voting out inactives
FishyCat24: there going to get a script of that
thesavvyguy9: like we had 50 million questions.. and each question people would put 15 different answers
thesavvyguy9: lol
thesavvyguy9: it was chaos
thesavvyguy9: me and Fishy did good though... for being the ones Koror got to pick to play
thesavvyguy9: lol
FishyCat24: blah
FishyCat24: his rules are just stupid
FishyCat24: half the time i just act on instict
FishyCat24: like i dont know why they picked two of use
FishyCat24: but we dint pick to of them
thesavvyguy9: he said it was b/c blk didn't show up
thesavvyguy9: that was part of our "punishment"
FishyCat24: what kinda logic is that
FishyCat24: did pharoah show up
Cards39: he sat out
RaveMaster4321: tru
FishyCat24: well so cause blk wasnt hear they were given the right to pick me and savvy
thesavvyguy9: yep
FishyCat24: stupid ass rules
thesavvyguy9: I guess we were the "weaker" players
thesavvyguy9: or so they thought
thesavvyguy9: lol
Cards39: lol
RaveMaster4321: they picked who they thought would do the least good
RaveMaster4321: and im like u should have picked me
Cards39: you're not the weakest since you showed up
FishyCat24: well sorry but i aint going to hide it i dont know math and i aint going to pretend to
RaveMaster4321: i love math lol but geography isnt my thing
FishyCat24: dont smoke weed while in school kids ok
RaveMaster4321: lol
FishyCat24: i dont remember anything since i left junior high math class
thesavvyguy9: lol I just took a Math final exam for 3 hours today in a hot, stinky gym filled with the ENTIRE 10th grade. I am sorry if I am tired of doing Math problems.
FishyCat24: and even there i am weak
FishyCat24: all i ask is for one thing from u guys
FishyCat24: if you guys feel i will bring u down in trivia with math and want me out tell me i am going home....i will respect all of u and wont be upset
FishyCat24: i dont like surprises
FishyCat24: camera man is really telling survivor stuff wow i though he was just decoration
FishyCat24: survivor guy just imed me
Cards39: what'd he say?
FishyCat24: i havent read it yet
FishyCat24: i am still waiting for a reply from what i wrote u all
RaveMaster4321: hmmm
FishyCat24: something about after the 3rd round kuror was out of people and we wasnt
Cards39: ah
FishyCat24: whatever
Cards39: oh well
Cards39: we gave it out best
Cards39: our*
FishyCat24: i guess
FishyCat24: well non of u is talking
Cards39: bye savvy
thesavvyguy9: bye...